CH Blacfriar Star Of Elbereth CD GN RN MH WCX RATI RATN CGC
Ellie was Pink Girl in her Lord of the Rings themed
litter.  She was named for Elbereth, who made the
stars, and she has been a delightful & bright  addition
to our family.

Ellie finished her Championship at 2 years of age.   All
her points and 2 majors, including Winners at the 2005  
CRFCRC supported entry, were won  in less than 5
months.  Ellie placed 2nd in American Bred at the 2005
FCRSA National Specialty in Georgia and made the cut
in BOB at the 2006 FCRSA National Specialty in St.
Louis, MO.  Ellie placed 2nd in her Field Trial Bitch class
at the 2009 FCRSA National Specialty in Rhode Island.

Ellie's love is the field where she hunts with Gary and
competes in Hunt Tests.  In her first 7 field events Ellie
came home with 7 rosettes including a JAM in
Unsteady B at the 2006 FCRSA Specialty.   Ellie earned
her AKC Junior Hunter Title with four passes in a row.  
At the 2007 FCRSA MN Specialty Ellie was in the run
off for 1st place in the Steady Singles Championship
and received the reserve JAM .   In the Fall of 2008,
Ellie earned her AKC Senior Hunter Title with four
passes in a row.  Ellie earned her Master Hunter Title in
April 2013.

Ellie received her Novice B Title CD,  July 22, 2012 and
her Graduate Novice B Title in Fall of 2013.

Her Barn Hunt Titles RATI and RATN were added in
Fall of 2013.
New Master Hunter 4/21/2013